Paymydoctor is an online web-based portal quick service to pay bills online. All patients, if you
have been billed, have the ease of going online to pay the bill without wasting time in a long
queue and waiting for your turn to pay the bill. There is no compulsion with regards to
registration as you can pay the bill in both cases. Users are provided a better service to your
account and even offered long-term if you are registered and would use this service.

Paymydoctor is entirely free to use service, and after registration, the patient will be allowed to
log in to the system immediately and look at their account information pay a bill associated with
doctor visits

It requires time to complete your payment process, and paymydoctor accepts almost all leading
credit cards. The patients or any user can enter the billing and payment information use
paymydoctor web portal.


  • To login into paymydoctor you are required to visit the paymydoctor website homepage
  • Once you are on the paymydoctor website homepage, you will be allowed to login into your account
  • To log in, you are required to enter your username
  • After that, you are required to enter your unique password, be aware that you should never share your username and password with anyone
  • Has the username or the password been forgotten, you should click the forgot username/password option at the bottom of the login box
  • Once you have entered all details, click login
  • After logging you will be redirected to the paymydoctor dashboard from the login page

  • To register and use paymydoctor you need to visit the paymydoctor website homepage
  • Once you are on the website homepage, look for the create an account option and click it
  • You will see the online enrollment form
  • You have to enter the following information such as your client id
  • Then you should open your account number
  • You enter your five-digit zip code
  • you need to enter a unique password of your liking, and then confirm by re-entering it in the next step
  • Then you enter your email address and similarly verify your email address
  • The final step involves entering your mobile number
  • Click next to complete the process and proceed to the terms and conditions page, if you agree, click I agree
  • The final step for the user is to click the create an account option to complete theregistration process.
  • Make sure you remember your login details such as your username/password as they will be required at the time of login in the future


  • paymydoctor lets you Pay a bill associated with all your visits to the doctor
  • It is time-saving as it takes less than a couple of minutes to complete the bill payment process and all the credit cards are accepted
  • Users have the convenience and ease to pay their bill with an account or without an account
  • There are complete privacy and security, and no information is shared with any outside parties